Dr Bhavesh Patel

Homoeopathy in Eczema

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. Factors that cause or adversely impact eczema are stress, allergens, hormonal disturbances, exposure to irritants, infections in the past, some foods, weather changes. It is difficult to point single factor, in most cases role of heredity is a major contributing element.

Basically eczema is resultant of an abnormal functioning of the immune system. Commonest symptoms are redness, itching, eruptions and discharge. There could be dryness, cracks, bleeding and infections due to repeated scratching. In most cases eczema starts in the childhood and continues throughout the adulthood.

Eczema is generally an unsightly and irritating condition. Many patients face rejection from the society. Extensive eczema can be incapacitating and may lead to severe restriction of activities.

As soon as the treatment is stopped, eczema resurfaces in addition in some cases adverse effects of remedies can be distressing.

Homoeopathy takes into consideration mental and physical makeup of the patient, past and family history, and detailed account of the illness with all the aggravating and ameliorating factors. Each patient is treated on individual basis. Homoeopathy treats by administration of internal medicines, rarely by external applications. Homoeopathic treatment is aimed at eliminating the disease permanently from the root.Homoeopathy treats eczema in the safest and most gentle, permanent way

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