Dr Bhavesh Patel

Homoeopathy in Eczema

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. Factors that cause or adversely impact eczema are stress, allergens, hormonal disturbances, exposure to irritants, infections in the past, some foods, weather changes. It is difficult to point single factor, in most cases role of heredity is a major contributing element. Basically eczema is resultant of […]

Boost Your Child With Homeopathy

Becoming a parent and having a child completely changes your world. Your world begins to revolve around your kids and their happiness. All you want is to provide them with the best of everything. Parents tend to be more concerned about their child’s safety, food-diet, health and hygiene than they are about themselves. Today with […]

Homeopathy Cures Cancer

Homeopathy cures cancer in the early stages- Homeopathy is known to cure cancer in the early stages. It also aids to remove the ill effects of the treatment of cancer which includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Homeopathic medicines helps to improve the general condition of the patient as it helps to reduce the pain related to […]

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy Cerebral palsy is the condition that is marked by damaged coordination of muscles or any kind of disability. The damage to the brain that is caused usually at birth or before birth is called as cerebral palsy. Q.1. What is Cerebral palsy? Ans.  A group of bilateral, permanent, non-progressive, symmetrical disorders that lead to […]


Diebetes Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which is widely prevalent all over the world. Males and females of all age groups are afflicted with the condition. Symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, increased appetite and thirst, frequent urination, weakness, giddiness, wounds and injuries which take time to heal, skin infections etc. Diabetes affects all organs […]