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I had allergic rhinitis since childhood. Every day, I was taking anti-allergic medicines like Cetrizine. I tried every mode of treatment but couldn’t help me. . At this point, I contacted Dr Bhavesh patel. I started homoeopathic treatment from him and I experience improvement within fifteen days. I stopped taking all anti-allergic medicines. With the homeopathic treatment, now I am completely free from my allergic problem.


My family has been taking medicine from Dr. Bhavesh Medicine for many years. If we have minor or critical problems, this medicine has proved the best result. I can say clearly after taking this medicine , our health better than the past. Sir’s treatment is the best one which can cure everything


    I was suffering from anxiety and very high palpitation. I was advised to visit a psychiatrist for treatment of anxiety. I am very greatful to my family doctor, who adviced me to meet Dr. Bhavesh Patel for the same. After 2-3 months of medication I am totally free from anxiety and high palpitation. Best thing is he understands the problem from the core and suggest medication accordingly. He keeps a close track of improvement. I am a big fan of homeopathy medicine now as it cures without any side effects.

    RACHNA DESAI Vadodara

    I am very happy with the treatment given to me and it instilled my confidence in homeopathy, Dr. Bhavesh has a unique trait to identify the root cause of disease by catching up psychological cords attached to it. He is transparent and frank in providing his opinions so the patients open up easily to him. I have already recommended him to more than 15 people, that is how effective if found his treatments are and how happy I am. hope to convey this message in person to you but till then I would send this email to convey my gratefulness and regards.


      I have been suffering from itching of my legs since last fifteen years. In the UK, doctors prescribed steroid cream. This cream temporarily stopped itching and as soon as I stopped the cream, itching reappeared and I was warned by experts that if I used this cream for longer period, this will make my skin thinner and further irreversible harm can be inflicted on me. I tried Ayurveda which didn’t help. I also tried various Homeopathic doctors but the results were patchy until I consulted Bhaveshbhai Patel. Within one week, my itching stopped and ever since last ten years, I am taking medicine from Dr. Bhavesh Patel. Dr. Bhavesh listens the problem patiently. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Bhavesh for what ever the ailment the patient has. People like Dr Bhavesh Patel is a gift to the society. I wish Dr Bhavesh well


      I live in New Jersey, U.S.A. I had a tear in my right ankle tendon. Even after X-Ray, MRI, cortisone shots and therapy ,I could barely walk 8-9 steps. I did not want to go through invasive and risky surgeries. At that point, as suggested by one of my friends, I started homeopathic treatment of Dr. Bhavesh Patel in Vadodara. I am pleased to share that after a few months of medication, I can walk 8-10 thousand steps every day, and have made a substantial recovery. I am still taking medication, and hope to be 100% recovered. Thank you bhaveshbhai, keep up the good work!


        With homeopathy i had an astonishing experience which i would like to share here. I was going through menopausal problems with sleep disorders, negative thoughts and depression. I visited dr bhavesh patel for it , he took my history and ananlysed it soo well , and it was really very surprising for me that with only two doses of his medicine , i started having a good sleep and helped me abolishing all negative thought. It was very surprising for me that homoeopathy would do such wonderful treatment and soo fast. Within a week there was a major difference in me . I was coming back to my normal routine and started coming back to life. Homeopathy and Dr Bhavesh Patel helped me in coming out of depression and coming back to normal life . Dr bhavesh is really a good doctor and beside that he is a very good human being who helped me to fight with my prob so well . I would bless him all my life that he will have a good name in homoeopathy. He is a blessed person and i would bless him more.